~Hi there! I'm Susan, a Texas girl just looking to live my best life one adventure at a time! 

~I have been married now for 23 years to my husband, Derek. We met in college and were both collegiate soccer players.

~We have 2 beautiful daughters together, and 4 dogs.

~We have spent years developing restaurants together, and now have several in different airports across the United States.  

~  I'm in another chapter of my life now, and want to share! I want to just share what I love... which is fashion, beauty, design, & my lifestyle experiences. Many of my friends always ask me where did you get this or that, or how did you do that, etc. so I thought why not share?  It's fun and can somehow maybe help other women. So I will share all my "Stuff" whether Im affiliated with a brand or not. If I like it then I'm going to share. Most of my content is geared toward fashion- some boutique, designer, and other places where you can find deals, and how to rewear pieces.  I will also have lifestyle content such as home decor and recipes, travel, and fitness. 

~So grab a cup of coffee or wine (my faves) and Follow along with me.  Lets Live our best life in fashion, design, and beauty together! 


Susan xoxo